[SPORK] Where are they, dammit?!? I KNOW they're here somewhere!

Jeff Bone jbone at deepfile.com
Wed Apr 9 21:17:33 PDT 2003

Iraq's weapons 'must be found'

Donald Rumsfeld says finding Iraq's alleged banned weapons is still 
imperative - though evidence they exist is still thin.



I don't know who is suffering from greater delusion / denial --- Rummy 
and the rest of the hawks, or that wacky Muhammed al-Sahhaf.  At least 
Iraq's Minister of Information has an excuse for his bizarre 
de/re-construction of reality, i.e. Saddam's gun to his head.  Rummy 
only *thinks* he has / has had Saddam's gun to his head.

If they try really hard, maybe the Inner Circle of Darkness in D.C. can 
*will* these things into being.  Maybe Asscruft can hold a prayer 
meeting or something, drum up a little divine intervention.

It won't matter even if we do find them, though.  At most we're going 
to find some little cache of strategically worthless gas canisters or 
something, and every "war party" nut in the country's going to start 
beating their chests, whooting, and saying "I told you so"  --- 
entirely missing the point that whatever kinds of "WMD" they might have 
probably aren't really very M or D and never really posed a threat to 
us in the first place.


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