Before GAB redefines "Shock and Awe" let's set therecordstraight was Re: Newspeak

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Wed Apr 9 18:54:04 PDT 2003

Jeff Bone wrote:
> On Wednesday, Apr 9, 2003, at 18:17 US/Central, Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
>> Silly, Jeff.  8-) You need to reread the original
>> brief on shock and awe.  [1].   "Surgical strike"
>> is a completely different military doctrine,
> Greg, Jesus, I SAID that!  Are you paying attention AT ALL?  I drew a 
> clear distinction between them, and pointed out that in fact the 
> operational philosophy we're working under is CLOSER to surgical strike 
> than Shock and Awe, despite what the talking heads are saying.
> Sheesh, read for comprehension, Greg.

I was making the argument that it's not
closer to surgical strike.  I see shock & awe,
surgical strick, and rampant supremacy as three
different points on a pyramid.


> jb

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