Before GAB redefines "Shock and Awe" let's set the recordstraightwas Re: Newspeak

Gregory Alan Bolcer gbolcer at
Wed Apr 9 17:34:42 PDT 2003

Tom wrote:

> And the Patriot acts, lets not forget the historic undoing of our nations
> charter. I mean think about it, the boxcutter gang spends a tiny bit of
> cash, takes down a major landmark and Shocks and Awes the target nation
> into such a state of hysteria they go and dismantle the very thing that
> makes thier country worthwhile. They flapped the butterflys wing and let
> the tsunami feed itself.
> I gota say, thats effeciency for ya.

We'll go back to the green level soon.  We're
all kind of burnt out on orange anyways. That
and those stupid new metal detectors that buzz
on everything except sketchers.


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