How to make me a customer

Tom tomwhore at
Wed Apr 9 17:52:33 PDT 2003

Tom Peters would love this....I saw the blurb about aduioblogs free trial
up on Blogger today. I finlay decided to take them up on the free offer
and make an entry to my fave team run blog, Pleasant.

So I click through, sign up for the free trail(enter your phone number, a
blog to post your audio bits to, a pin, an email, done) and then placed a
phone call  to do my studly in the field reporter blog entry. Easy as pie
excpet for  one thing, it did not show up in Pleasant. So I post a text
entry to them,  via nntp//rss of course, just to make sure its not the
blogger servers or  some such. I try againwith the dial, push, speak and
go ...still nothing.

So i think, heck maybe its me, maybe its an overload on thier end...maybe
its the forward to about an hour latter....ring
work phone is ringing.

It is a tech from Audioblog. Stunned me, then happy me. These folks are so
on thier biz that they get ahold of me fromthe info I entered and wanted
me to know they are working on my lowley free trial user
account and they bust a hump to get ahold of me to set my mind at rest.
Man thats a pursuit of exclence. Then the tech and I get to talking and we
quickly realize we both know some tech and hone in on a possible solution,
that being I am posting to a team blog that is owned by someone else other
than me but to which I have posting rights. Thinking about it the tech
realizes some more of the open issues he is working on have that same
situation. He lets me know he is going to go hammer out some sort of fix
and get ahold of me when they have it fixed.Have a nice day.


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