Tom tomwhore at
Wed Apr 9 14:51:04 PDT 2003

Following JB's sweetcode link this item hit me upside the head as
something Fork would either Love or Hate

""The Rotisserie is a structured online discussion system that provides an
alternative to the traditional threaded-messaging model of most online
discussions. It breaks discussions into synchronous rounds, slowing down
the pace of the discussions, and controls who responds to whom,
democratizing the discussions and making it very likely that someone will
respond to every participant."


The Rotisserie implements an innovative approach to online discussion that
encourages measured, thoughtful discourse in a way that traditional
threaded messaging systems cannot. In contrast to the completely
asynchronous, broadcast-to-broadcast mode of existing threaded messaging
systems, the Rotisserie adds structure to both the timing and the flow of
the discussion. The timing of the discussion is broken into
semi-synchronous rounds. Users are allowed to post responses at any time,
but their responses are not published to other users until the deadline
for the current round passes. This structure allows users to put
significant thought into their responses rather than competing with other
participants to post first. More important, this structure allows the
system to control the flow of the discussion by distributing responses to
specific users for further discussion at the end of each round, ensuring
that every post is distributed to at least one other user for comment and
that each user has exactly one post to which to respond. Lastly, the
Rotisserie system includes support for discussion not only within a given
class, but also between many different classes at once, allowing, for
instance, Internet law classes at HLS and Cambridge to participate in a
discussion about digital rights management with an engineering course at


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