Congressman defends bill to require CDMA in Iraq

James Rogers jamesr at
Wed Apr 9 11:15:48 PDT 2003

> the middle east is the relevant user here.  point being 
> there's no rationale for using cdma in the middle east.

I see it as a mixed bag.

1) It is very blatant lobbying by Qualcomm.
2) It is unclear to what extent Iraq already has infrastructure and what the
state of that infrastructure is.


3) If you are going to build a wireless telecom infrastructure, CDMA in its
various forms is a substantially better technology than GSM.  Depending on
the current state of the existing infrastructure, it may very well be
advisable to make the investment in CDMA-based systems.

GSM is a dominant technology because it was standardized by fiat early on,
and was selected in part in Europe because it was a European technology
rather than an American technology (with all the patents and related money
issues).  In the US the protocols and technologies had to battle it out in
the marketplace, where GSM lost.  GSM is slowly but surely on its way out,
and I don't see any reason to saddle Iraq with an aging telecom technology


-James Rogers
 jamesr at

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