Yahoo! News Story - Jailed Iraqi children run free as marines roll into Baghdad suburbs

Tom tomwhore at
Tue Apr 8 23:57:34 PDT 2003

On Tue, 8 Apr 2003, Joseph S Barrera III wrote:

--]Is there some sort of equivalence you're trying to point out here?
--]Well, go ahead, say it out loud. Listen to how it sounds.
--]Don't beat around the bush. So to speak.

What I am saying that what is going on over there is a crime to humanity
but in large or small part this goverment we call the US has had its part
in making it that way and more to the point while we are no where near
the overt brutaliity that goes on every day there we are well on our way
to getting thier ina generation or two.

Please dont tell me that folks on fork are so short sighted as not to be
able to see the brutality today in other places and see the arch of where
we are heading in this country.

Please dont tell me folks on fork are incapable of having scope, of seeing
beyond a narrow focus of now now now.

The US gov has been in thick with the hows and whys of many goverments in
the world, Iraq is just one of them. We have bolstered, ousted, sanctioned
and funded the situation in that for decades. Back in the 70's there
was the outcry of Iranian Americans to wake us up to the crule rules of
the Shah, they fellas we put in charge there. I remeber as a kid seeing
people with posters and mock ups of torture devies the Shah used on the
people.  One image I will never forget is of a fella wrapped up with
aluminum foil pretednding to be electrocuted while his wife cried  as
she handed out pamphletes. America was supporting this shit and hey were
trying to tell us. Did we heed it? Nope. The  situation got so bad the
country boiled over, kicked out the shah and then  grabbed americans as
hostages .

We funded Hussan and now we have spent over 10 years fighting, doing no
fly zones and sanctions to clean up the mess. We are in the diplomatic
crapper. Once we secure the place we are going to be spending years either
helping the human wreckage we have either strewn or that was strewn in
some part with our finding, or we will ignore the problem until the folks
over there get mad enough and desperate enough to grab more airliners and
drive them into the really tall buildings.

Meanwhile back at the ranch we will be newspeaking the population down
with Patriot Acts, putting the fear of GOD back in the schools and in the
hearts of the children, watch as our workforce has less and less jobs to
keep them busy and thus given them ample time to take up other hobies,
like say the hobbies the folks in the Republic of the Congo have ("them
smarty pants peacenicks, they need to be taught a lesson" "hey look, is
that a towel head?" "looke there jimbob, that must be one of them
hOmosexuals, lets see if he bleeds pink")

Please open your scope. I am not equating the nows, I am sizing up the
eventualities of our actions.

Get it now? If not, fuck off, I dont have time for the selfcastrated.


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