Yahoo! News Story - Jailed Iraqi children run free as marines roll into Baghdad suburbs

Daniel Grisinger daniel at
Tue Apr 8 20:54:27 PDT 2003

Owen Byrne wrote:

> And this is what Al-Qaeda wants to overthrow:
> How can I justify not supporting them?:

Oh, my.  I almost don't know how to respond.

How could you justify not supporting Al-Qaeda?  Let
me count the ways.

You could be opposed to supporting the actions of people
who have slaughtered thousands of civilians.

You could be opposed to the idea of a global theocratic
state run by a gang of fundamentalist muslims. Hell, you
could just be opposed to the idea of a global theocratic
state run by anyone.

You could be nauseated at the notion of not teaching little
girls to read.

You could be driven to anger at the thought of murdering
gay people for the horrific crime of being gay.

You could maybe find some way to oppose the execution of
people by stoning as punishment for adultery.  Especially
if they were under 18 when they did it.

You could find your stomach turning at the thought that
women are property, not to be seen by anyone other than
their rightful owner.

We all know that I could go on here, but what's the point.
You've demonstrated beyond any possibility of refutation
that your primary reason for opposing the liberation of
the Iraqi people is an irrational hatred of America and
everything she stands for.  If 80% of us had been opposed
to action in Iraq you'd undoubtedly have been screaming about
how America doesn't give a shit about the poor, oppressed
people of the world.  How she just sits there, smug in her
superpower complacency, while corporations rape the environment
and her obese, television-addled populace ignore the plight
of people whom can be freed by no power other than that which
America wields.

Arguing with you is pointless; this is religion, and you've
already had your revelation.


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