Okay, that's it, I'm one step closer to ex-pat'ing!

bitbitch at magnesium.net bitbitch at magnesium.net
Tue Apr 8 19:26:24 PDT 2003

JB> I wish I worked for the AG.  If I did, I would tell him "Fuck you, you 
JB> fucking wacko moron.  Go straight to the hell you believe in, you 
JB> fucking nutball, I'm not singing your retarded song.  You are a fucking 
JB> dinosaur living in a distorted, delusional, pathological, DANGEROUS 
JB> 'Father Knows Best' fundamentalist fantasy land."

And what Jeff Forgets to mention is the very obvious aftermath.
'You're Fired.'

He's an idiot Jeff.  No one thinks otherwise (save for Shrubco and a
few really -really- nutty fuckups in Arkansas).  He tried to clothe
busts because they were naked.


What the hell do you expect?  Its not like we can unelect him.  DAmn
appointment positions... *Grumble*

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