Tom tomwhore at slack.net
Tue Apr 8 12:59:47 PDT 2003

I think we have been here before. The idea that colaborative work can
happen over the air in such a loose manner that folks can move in and move
out of the workgroup simply by either physical moving intot he cloud or
netologicaly moving into the cloud.

As with everything I have to memeout Xerox, but thats the obvious child.

Now as to Zeroconf itself (rendevouz as apple is trying to brand it), I am
not sold on it. Sure DHCP and the like are big ugly beasts but zeroconf
seems to be able to work best only on small local, very local, scales as
too big too much will cause the AppleTalk Chatter Effect that can saturate
the air with "HI IM here" "HI IM here too" "Hi Im here and Im a
refrigerator" "HI I need a fridge to tell me what time it is" "HI Im a
watch and I want to know who has the beer" "HI Im still here"  "HI IM
still here too" "HI" "HI" "SHUT UP im trying to dl a divx"

Sure essids do that, but thats on the AP level of which there are less
than the number of clients (usualy) and thus less messy. I know this is a
turnaway from my usual "Decentralize everything NOW!!" scree but in this
regard I think as of now, with the gear we are dealing with, Zerconf is
just too noisy and messy for anything larger than say a bluetooth level

But putting this on 802.11whatever, and giventhe tredn of everyone
hoppingthier antennas up with cans, pigtails and boosters, is simply going
to make things as soggy as a cardboard cowboy walking around Portland in

Squish Squish.

Please set me arights if I am off the mark. I seek to learn.


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