FoRK Rate Justification, and sanctions

Joseph S Barrera III joe at
Sun Apr 6 18:08:43 PDT 2003

Chris Olds wrote:
> Does this mean I think the war is justified?  At this point, my answer is
> still no.  I think that it might have been possible to justify a war
> against Iraq, but the current war (against Saddam himself) isn't it.
> Not that the administration cares about justification...

I'm getting to the point where I believe that the war is justified
if only to allow the sanctions to end. The sanctions are responsible
for large scale sickness and death. Just the impact on the water
supply alone has been disasterous. Just try reading some of

and you will be sickened.

Now of course you could argue that we just aren't (weren't) doing
the sanctions right, and that we could have done better, in a way
that would have hurt Saddam and not just the Iraqi people. But I'm
not sure I believe that. Is there a recent sanctions success story?
Does South Africa count, and if so, what worked in South Africa that
didn't or couldn't in Iraq?

At any rate, it can only be good that the sanctions are ending.
And any discussion of the dead and wounded Iraqis in this war
have to be compared to the number of dead and diseased that
continued sanctions would have caused.

- Joe

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