[NYTimes] Live from Mars, it's a wireless box.

Adam Rifkin Adam at KnowNow.com
Thu Apr 3 09:18:36 PST 2003


>From a Slim Black Box, Shared Knowledge Streams Wirelessly

The Martian NetDrive Wireless sounds as if it might be a device capable
of connecting you with extraterrestrial neighbors. Its reach is not
quite that far, but it does allow people who are not in the same room to
share data. 

The device, a wireless storage system from Martian Technology, stores
files in a central location so they can be shared among users on a home
or office network. Any user on the network can call up digital photos,
music files or documents, and files are backed up in the central base.

The Martian NetDrive Wireless is essentially a computer programmed to
handle the single task of sharing files. It runs a customized version of
the Linux operating system, has a fanless processor (for noise
reduction), and offers 32 megabytes of random access memory, enough for
file sharing on smaller networks.

The device, a nondescript black box, can be tucked away in a closet,
garage or basement. It communicates wirelessly (using the 802.11b Wi-Fi
standard) with Windows, Mac and Linux computers, and its hard drive
comes in two sizes: 40 gigabytes ($399), and 120 gigabytes ($479). It
can be ordered at www.martian.com.

Steve Dossick, the president of Martian Technology, a small Silicon
Valley company, said the Linux system provided flexibility for future
enhancements that will be free to customers. One of those enhancements,
wireless printing, will soon allow users to attach a printer to one of
the unit's several U.S.B. ports. 

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