Fwd: IP: New Scientist: Can we travel to distant galaxies through quantum wormholes?

Marty Halvorson martyh@nmcourts.com
Fri, 24 May 2002 13:03:45 -0600

 From the article, "It would be a delicate operation, however. Add too much 
negative energy, the scientists discovered, and the wormhole will briefly 
explode into a new universe that expands at the speed of light, much as 
astrophysicists say ours did immediately after the big bang."

Shouldn't the lead-in be:  Long ago in a universe far away ...

An intriguing thought though, our universe came into being because someone 
in a previous universe was playing around with wormholes and miscalculated 
how much negative energy to add.


Marty Halvorson