PS2 - Time to buy one

Luis Villa
24 May 2002 10:24:14 -0400

On Fri, 2002-05-24 at 10:16, Bill Kearney wrote:
> > For $200, it's a great way to get the kids into Linux at an early
> > age.  Anyone know where these can be bought in Canada?
> You'd be better off giving them an old 486 machine instead.  The trials and
> tribulations of attempting to get linux running, let alone doing anything
> worthwhile or shareable, are problem a lot more than your average kid is willing
> to tolerate.
> Unless, of course, the goal is to teach them the hassles of driver
> configuration, compiler weirdness and the headaches of running a ported OS.

No, it runs just fine. And there are no driver hassles, because there is
no way to add anything, so you have no new drivers to compile. Little
detail, of course, is that you can't actually do anything even vaguely
useful with it. You're going to have many more problems with the 486 but
you might actually be able to turn it into something useful eventually.

Luis [we have a japanese version in the office]