Baby Panic
Tue, 21 May 2002 06:29:04 -0400

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>We can wait till we want.  My latest soapbox has been me yellin at my 
>really cool friends to have kids.  WHO WILL TEACH THE STUPID ONES?  
>However, we can wait till we want.  (:  I have had two very close friends 
>who've had their bioclocks go off and BLAM, hadda find em 'sperm donors' 
>cuz relationships wouldn't work out.  We can wait till we want, or we can 
>have them when we want.  (:   

>Hell, young women go to older women about this before they go to older 
>men.  We know the basics, Adam.

gotta agree and disagree, sweet cheeks.  of the many (smart, well-educated) women with young babies i know, NONE (0) are nursing them.  ALL (9)experienced problems and gave up. NONE (0) of them read much about babies before or after they had them.  from what i gather, they rely primarily on folklore and the media for their education on infant nutrition.  NONE (0) of their doctors recommended any must-reads.  

CD: Many men do too, but most of them just 
>like to fuck.
yeah, i know.  :-)  give 'em a grapefruit.
CD:>> One answer.  The media.  The media creates stupidity like Ally MacBeal
>> who continually barage women with the idea that if they DONT get
>> pregnant, they're inadequate.  Thats bullshit.  If they don't get
>> pregnant they make choices. They have to deal with those choices.  We
>> need to stop propagating lack of baby == inadequate female.
On the same token, I think it's only natural that (some or most) women yearn to have babies - it's purely biological.  

CD: Driving a cab has helped me more than anything with 
>realizing that the majority of our population is overweight.
i don't know why this particularly cracked me up.  have you had to replace shocks?  :-)

> > ALB> a failure of nerve. The properly independent woman abandons sexual 
To get with a man who respects you, who
>> cares for you and who treats you like a human, is no sign of weakness,
>> but rather great strength.

duh! do you have a devining rod to help us find one of these men instead of the poseurs we wind up with?

CD: And that's it, I'm drunk, have a new sub bf in my bed, 
>and am wondering why I'm sending mail to FoRK.   G'nite.  (:
g'night, gracie.  :-)