MS support for e-Mexico plan

Jim Whitehead
Mon, 20 May 2002 13:10:43 -0700
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I'm impressed by MS's coordinated plan to, in essence, develop a marketplace
for the Microsoft OS and Office franchises in Mexico by training a large
number of people gratis.

It also suggests that one of the main adoption challenges for Open Source
isn't technical, it's educational. How do you make the wetware understand
the software?

>From the article:

Last month Mr. de Icaza learned that Mr. Fox's government had signed a
multimillion-dollar deal with Microsoft to train 23,000 computer technicians
for the first round of community centers going online with e-México.

Three more deals are on the way. The first of them will be a $56 million
investment to help the commerce ministry train 23,000 professionals and
schoolteachers. The second will give an estimated $10 million to train those
running small and midsize businesses in using Microsoft Office software. And
the third, a gift from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Mr. Fox's
philanthropy wing, Vamos México, will bring the nation's 6,000 libraries
online using Microsoft technology.

When all four deals are in place, Microsoft will have pledged more than $100
million to the Mexican government and trained more than 70,000 professionals
and teachers.

- Jim