$25 Bonus on Each Domestic Ticket

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Tue, 14 May 2002 16:40:12 -0400

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Extra Value Consolidators
Earn a $25.00 BONUS on all confirmed bookings!

TRAVEL AGENTS...GIVE YOURSELF the PROFIT YOU DESERVE,with our deeply discounted NET-FARES for coach WITH NO ADV. PURCHASE or MINIMUM STAYS. PERFECT for YOUR CORPORATE CLIENTS.You have seen us in "The Index to Air Consolidators", "Moffit's Consolidator Guide", in "Travel Weekly", on "Mailpound.com" on OSSN, on "TravelHacker.com", and as a New Client of Extra Value Consolidators, you can now receive A $25 BONUS INCENTIVE for EVERY NET-FARE domestic coach ticket you buy from EVC for the next 30 days. BE SURE TO ASK FOR YOUR SPECIAL MODERN AGENT CONFIRMATION CODE WHEN TICKET IS ISSUED. NOTE: This Offer is made to NEW TRAVEL AGENCY CLIENTS ONLY! Your Agency Check and All Major Credit Cards Accepted.

Departure Dates: 5/14/2002-12/31/2002
Booking methods you must use to redeem incentive:
Reservations Phone: (800)758-1382
Email Address: sales@extravalueair.com
Reservations Fax: (914)966-1979
Other: YOU MUST ASK FOR OUR ALPHANUMERIC SPECIAL CODE (9 characters long) TO RECEIVE THE SPECIAL $25 MODERN AGENT INCENTIVE BONUS! ............................................................................ ................................ Alternate PH. Toll-Free 1-866-318-4651 Alt. Fax: 203-222-1804
From Price: $595.00
Departure Cities:
EVC is the "ONE CALL" You Want to Make! We are the ONE-STOP-SHOP SUPPLIER, simply because we offer NET-FARES on the MOST major domestic airlines for your Corporate and last-minute clients. For your Clients who require NO minimum stays, and NO ADV. Purchase; for almost all city-pairs within the USA. If you have not used us yet, This is your opportunity to receive an EXTRA BONUS for EVERY DOMESTIC NET-FARE COACH TICKET WE ISSUE FOR YOUR CLIENTS in the next 30 days. ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED. NOTE: This Offer is made to NEW TRAVEL AGENCY CLIENTS ONLY! WE WELCOME YOU TO EVC!
$25 Incentive fee paid for any domestic coach ticket purchased from Extra Value Consolidators. ($100 Incentive fees available on Business and First Class tickets purchased for USA destinations. See our $100 incentive offer) Incentives are paid on any NET-FARE ticket purchased and confirmed by our Modern Agent Incentive Code. Please ask for the Special Code from our Representative when ticket is issued to insure you receive Your Bonus Incentive. NOTE: This Special Offer is made to NEW TRAVEL AGENCY CLIENTS of EVC ONLY!
Extra Value Consolidators
1155 Warburton Avenue
Yonkers, NY 10701




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