RealNames ceases trading

Elias Sinderson
Mon, 13 May 2002 13:28:54 -0700

Hi again,

MS has a huge (>75%, maybe even ~90%?) browser penetration - essentially a
lock-in on the client side.

RealNames had a contract with MS to provide RN service through their
browser (i.e. type 'levis' into the location bar and get to come up), and MSN search.

So, essentially MS had the client side all sewn up, but relied upon RN for
the resolution part of the equation. I think it is this sense in which
senor Teare is implying that MS wanted to control the whole thing but
didn't. I believe that RN had contracts with other search engines as well,
but being able to type the name into the location bar removes one step in
the process...

My biggest complaint with the RN system was the prohibitive
registration/liscensing costs involved. RN has(had) a number of liscensed
parteners, one per country I think, which clients would then purchase the
service from for that respective area. The pricing model heavily favored
large corporations with deep pockets.

I would not be surprised in the least if we see a similar service rolled
out with a subsequent version of the MS browser...  Lame.


John Hall wrote:

> One of the reasons he claims Microsoft is no longer interested is that
> Microsoft couldn't control his product but they have 100% control of
> search.
> Microsoft doesn't control 100% of search.  I doubt they get 10%.
> I have trouble believing someone at Microsoft would claim they own 100%
> of search.
> Which creates a credibility problem in part of the letter.
> Am I missing something?  Could anyone claim with a straight face that
> Microsfot does control search?