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Subject: [silk] Heh, Heh

Just picked up a book from Divya called _The Wiz Biz_ [1].

The old theme of somebody from this reality who's magically transported to
Another World, where magic etc works. The difference here is that the
person who's transported ia a Unix hacker, who eventually realises that
spell are like programs...

Highly entertaining. Goes far beyond the obvious 'daemon' puns. And this is
NOT a spoof! It is a lighthearted work, but it does explore the central
idea decently. And the writer appears to have some coding experience
himself, which always helps...;-)

I challenge you to not giggle at some of the injokes. I'm not giving them
away, though I *will* mention that the protagonist creates a class of
magical clerks, each of whom helps him list out spells, each of whom is
called an emac.


[1] http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0671878468/