Fwd: Mobile Porn Coming to Europe

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> Mobile Porn Coming to Europe 
> By Elisa Batista
> The executive is charged with developing ways of offering "soft-core
> pornography" over 3G mobile phones, which will support multimedia and are
> expected to be in people's hands next fall. 
"sof-core porn ...in people's hands" makes me think "silly putty."

> "We have looked long and hard at this," the employee told the Times. 

No doubt.
> The company also plans to develop filtering software to prevent children
> from viewing wireless smut, the employee said. 

But not until much, much later.

> "It's not a service we are pursuing at this time," said Brenda Raney, a
> Verizon spokeswoman. "We're in the business of providing quality services
> for our customers and that doesn't sound like it would fit the needs of
> our customers." 

Brenda is seriously out of touch. 
> Daniel Miller, an analyst with market research firm Kelsey Group,
> questioned whether people would want to access porn all the time, which
> would be possible on a mobile phone. 

There's a QUESTION?
> "It crosses lines between public and private," he said. "You probably
> wouldn't want someone next to you in the subway car reading Playboy. 

I might, but only if they're next to me, not across from me.

> And future phone sex is expected to be even more appealing than
> traditional phone-sex. 

How many hands will I need?
> Wireless smut may be lucrative, 
Filthy lucre.  :-)

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