Collaborative Publishing and Project Knowledge Base/Documents: What's better than TWiki?

Vinod Kulkarni
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:35:06 +0530

Jim Whitehead wrote:

> One of the problems with Wikis for document management is the existence of
> large numbers of non-HTML documents, like spreadsheets. It's not clear to me
> how you "manage" these kinds of documents via a Wiki interface. You can
> certainly provide commentary about them, and a convenient link-based
> interface to them, but managing the actual bits is a challenge.

Mozilla offers good front end capabilities with use of XUL specification 
language. For example, you can dynamically manipulate a table - resizing 
the cells, dragging columns etc. The mail application that uses tree 
structure folders, table structure for showing message lists etc. is an 
example of such a capability.

Having DAV support in Mozilla should therefore be of great help. Along 
with main document, the DAV server should also provide appropriate CSS 
style files and XUL files.

The downside is that the we require XML representations for documents as 
well as spreadsheets.