More religious insanity

Mon, 28 Jan 2002 11:16:53 -0800

> That gets distracting also.
Bizzt.. My point exactly .  So why bother bitching about a breast?

> The article clearly implied that journalists were working extra-hard to
> make the statues a distraction. Lying on their backs etc.
Some journalists.  Now guess what?  Some journalists will be more than happy
to prominently show the statute with the covering, with a little sidebar
that says 'Ashcroft has recently voiced objections to nudity in the general
hall, and has subsequently draped THIS on the statute'.  Or something to
that effect.  EIther way, all that covering has done is draw more attention
to something that is otherwise pointless.

> They made a decision, like whether red and white bottles are likely to
> sell more Coke or perhaps some other questions. Because the decision
> involves a breast you want to some want to claim that it is his religion
> and others want to claim that it is his ideology.

IT is something.  Whatever they claim it as, is really irrelevant.  Its his
(or someone in his department) decision, and I personally don't care what
you classify it as stemming from, its still silly.

 But marketers make
> similar decisions every day without giving a shit about either. They
> will obsess about whether the Helvetica font distracts from the Times
> New Roman logo.

Right. But this doesn't make the news, see?  Fonts are far far less
important than artistic expressions.  While you have the right to respond to
the directive choices made by the advertisers, you don't have much of an
option (short of complaining) to Ashcroft, et al.  FURTHERMORE, and this is
a big one (for this otherwise silly debate) advertisers pay for their
decisions with their Own cash.  AShcroft is paying for his POV with my tax

I therefore have a right as a paying, voting American to bitch if I want to.
So nyah.

> I'd suggest you save your venom for issues that matter.

Hey don't get snippy.  remember, you began the conversation with 'I hate it
when people bash Religious types'.  Sure, I do save my energy for the shit
that matters (like the PATRIOT act, another wonderful little ideology), but
this is just too silly not to be fun, and waste a few seconds on.
>  Paul Prescod