It's the Accounting, Stupid [was: Enron solution]

John Hall
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 23:50:56 -0800

Yeah, but I always loved that joke about 'Rose Hill speed', and with Enron
shredding documents it seemed so appropriate.

Yes, it is easier to buy laws than innovate.  Some free market economists
have noted that there is a very narrow justification for trade barriers.
However, they note that as a practical matter trade barriers have *never*
been used in that manner.  They have *always* been used in ways that are

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> I just want to know if the 'Enron' setting is a significantly higher speed
> than the 'Rose Hill' setting.  Or did Enron just use more machines?

Instead of trying to bring everything back to the Clintons [1] -- I'd be
less worried about Washington whoring themselves to Ken Lay [2], and more
about how the heck you run a market economy with publicly held companies
if you can't trust the information you're getting.

-- whump

[1] I know, I know... they are responsible for Angel going mad and killing
Giles' girlfriend on "Buffy", and for your brownies burning in the oven,
and that jerk in the SUV cutting you off on the freeway, but it's time to
move on.

[2] It's easier to buy laws than innovate. And that knows no party