Collaborative Publishing and Project Knowledge Base/Documents: What's better than TWiki?

Stephen D. Williams
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 21:42:05 -0500

After a few hours of comparing groupware systems, I've become more 
interested in Wiki style systems.  TWiki in particular has a good 
combination of versioning, user and group control, and all the 
traditional features of Wikis.

I'm currently looking for a groupware system for two uses:

o, a domain I've long had undeveloped.  I'm 
thinking of starting with an open tutorial knowledge base and work on 
profitable additions from there.  It occurred to me that the simplest 
way to build such a free-form idea is to use a Wiki.  I also have to 
come up with a suitable IP license, but that's a different problem.

o  Open Source-based document and knowledge management for projects. 
 I've seen Wiki's compared favorably to Lotus Notes.  Ideally, a number 
of features would be added via a module to support things like 
Requirements Tracability, etc., but collaboratively building a number of 
project documents in a hyperlinked web would be very useful.

So what is better than TWiki?

What's wrong with using TWiki or Wiki style collaborative environments?

Is there a Wiki with WebDav?

I really like the TWiki ascii shorthand for HTML constructs, especially 
for tables, TOC, headings, and embedded links.  I've got to get this 
code into Squirrelmail for web based email composition where I want to 
do tables occasionally.