CFP: InfowarCon 2002

Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:35:12 -0500

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                   :::: CALL FOR PAPERS ::::
                   :::: InfowarCon 2002 ::::

               September 3-6, 2002, Washington, DC
                Homeland Defense & CyberTerrorism:
                 Dealing With Harsh New Realities

Four days after INFOWARCON 2001 concluded, the very face of our world=20
changed.  Since then, governments and commercial organizations have=20
accelerated their efforts at defending the new Security Triad: Electronic,=
Physical and Personnel. The threats to critical infrastructures and=20
government systems have never been higher, and increased cooperation is=20
more necessary than ever before =AD here and throughout the world.

INFOWARCON 2002 will bring together political, military, and commercial=20
leaders from around the world to discuss the latest in threats and defenses.

We are soliciting creative, analytic, real-world opinions and solutions=20
that will function in:

-=3D- Countering the threats of Global and National Cyberterrorism
-=3D- National and Municipal Critical Infrastructure Protection
-=3D- Military and Government Information Operations (Defense and

    Interested parties from government, law enforcement, academia,
    corporations, product vendors and individuals from all nations
    are invited to submit papers or concepts for presentations to
    be given at INFOWARCON 2002 and published in the Conference
    Proceedings and on our web sites.


For inquiry or discussion on submissions, please contact
Winn Schwartau at 727.393.6600 or

or Betty at

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