orbiting jupiter

Dave Long dl@silcom.com
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:56:43 -0800

> Anyone else notice that Dave seems to work on a much longer wavelength
> cycle on these threads than the rest of us?  I've started working on
> this hypothesis that he's actually a sentient machine in orbit around
> Jupiter, and will soon be demanding that we call him "the Mailman."

Jupiter's probably much too close
for my typical FoRK latency.  At
1AU ~ 8 light minutes, Jupiter is
only 35-50 minutes away, so even
Jeff could maintain full FoRKage
from there.

Pluto is a better match, at 4 or
5 light hours, for a ~9 hour rtt, 
but the far Kuiper Belt is more
likely; 80 AU and a 21 hour rtt
keeps daily replies possible.

Unfortunately, a quick perusal of
message headers should show that
I use SMTP to xent; the timeouts
for TCP acks probably limit me to
cislunar* space.  Have there been
any FoRKposts from LEO+ yet?


* those Gakkel Ridge creatures are
showing much more promise than the
Europans were, anyway...


(to be somewhat on-topic with the
original subject line:  Uranus
was established, and the upstarts
did him in; Saturn attempted to
avoid it, but met a similar fate;
only Jupiter successfully managed
to swallow potential competition.

Of course, judging by the number
of hecatombs sacrificed to him
these days, we may conclude that
even that eventually failed...)