"World Domination 101"

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym@canada.com
22 Jan 2002 01:29:39 -0500

So, just like I said, it appears "World Domination" has never been an
overtly expressed goal of Linux ;)

The closest I could find, if the link still works, was a MetaMagazine
interview (http://gondwanaland.com/meta/history/interview.html) where
Linus states "the most important thing is that it works well and
people (which most emphatically includes me) want to use it."

If I may dare quote myself :) ...

 "Think about that: Linux is a success because it is _highly_
 'user-friendly' to the people who propel it.  Linux attracts
 developers.  Developers are drawn to it because, unlike all others,
 Linux welcomes them. Linux is the ultimate example of 'user
 friendliness' when you consider its users are the developers, and its
 developers are its users.  The great and staggeringly world-shaking
 innovation in Linux, the reason IBM calls it a disruptive technology
 is not bundled in a distribution CD.  The great innovation of Linux
 is the self-reinforcing, self-perpetuating development process."

                  (from a draft of the ill-fated 1999 "Kernelbook")

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