"World Domination 101" 101

Joseph S. Barrera III joe@barrera.org
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 20:52:19 -0800

> > Much the latter, I know, but STILL you think that
> > TEN FUCKING YEARS (or so) would be enough to be able
> > to write a fingerd without buffer overflow exploits.
> > I mean, how fucking hard could it be???
> > 
> > - Joe (I still miss having a .plan)
> In today's world of interlinked information, you've got to 
> admit that it
> is a little weird to have a *special protocol* for fetching a freaking
> "todo list".
>  Paul Prescod

Oh, pshaw. It's not a special protocol, it's just a reserved port.
And is chargen any less weird? Or 86 (Micro Focus Cobol)? 

FWIW, "telnet cs.cmu.edu chargen" stil works,
amazingly enough.

- Joe