AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Eugene Leitl
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 20:48:07 +0100 (MET)

On 21 Jan 2002, Luis Villa wrote:

> Umm... and AOL is going to take over the kernel and the desktop
> projects how? This disaster scenario assumes a level of control that

1) the distro is not the kernel
2) unwashed masses want hardware support and features, like, yesterday.
   The assumption that this will not influence both the kernel and the
   distro is unrealistic.

> AOL cannot have, even if they buy out every distro in existence. Sure,

They cannot buy noncommercial distros. Which was my point with
going Debian.

> they'll have influence, and they can turn RH into whatever the hell
> they want, but SuSE, Mdk, Debian, and the rest will continue on their
> own damn way, uninfluenced by all the malignant shit that might come
> out of an AOLinux.  Luis

Some contamination will be there, but you're essentially correct. However,
this rat is jumping the RatHed ship. Eeek.

> P.S. you can be certain that Red Hat (whose kernel work is focusing
> heavily on mainframes) and Linus (whose kernel work is frequently
> centered on embedded stuff) actually care much, much less about the PC
> than AOL does.

I don't care about manframes. Modern mainframes will migrate towards a
mesh of embeddeds, anyway. Since Linux kernel is monolithic, it is not
suitable for deep embeddeds (where an OS can take 2 kBytes).