Eletism and I Have A Dream

Eugene Leitl Eugene.Leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 20:14:13 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Tom wrote:

> I have a dream that one day we will not have self imposed guaridans of
> Proper, that all ideas and avenues can be travled down without fear of
> being hampered by the forces of eleteists protectionism.

Got me wrong here. There's plenty of market for AOLized RatHed. It's just
that market is not me. And I guess most of *nix FoRKies aren't that,

> I have a dream that a world will come about , a world where ideas can
> truly be for all people and not just the precious few who claim to
> control the destiny for all.

Nice dream. People are heterogeneous, however.

> I have a dream. Oh I have a dream that egos will not subjigate the
> promises of a better tomorrow, that morality and its gurdians will not

"better" for whom? Single metric assumption upon a heterogenous body
political strikes again.

> step in the path of the progress of the possible and that all the many

Many things are possible. Let's see more diversity, not less.

> wolrds of IF can play thelves out to whomsoever would want to
> participate in them.....

Um, how you can prevent that from happening? You can't. And beajolais to

> Oh yes, I have a dream.
> But I tell you, I may not get there with you. This life is but a short one
> and the road to this dream is a long and difficult journey. I may not
> reach it with you but I will travle down it for as long as I can and it
> will be good.
> For I have seen the mountian top, yes I have. I have seen the valley below
> where little linux children play with little windows children and all the
> little os children togther.

Some of us are not children, you know. Some us do deep embedded, and
massive parallelism, and high availability.

> I have seen the mountain top, and from it I have seen the lands where our
> promis holds reign over the despotic machinations of the selfidh, where
> the m any hands of help overpwer the forces of that dark fortress Eletism.

I will eat your heart for this.

> I have seen the moutnain top, and from it I have seen the doorway that
> leads not into the narrow confines of the few but the rich and fertile
> lands of the possible.

Um, dude, that's what elitism is about. A yet another branch on the tree
of possibilities. By denying existance of the branch you're artifically
restricting the space of possibilities.

I'm surprised that I actually have to explain this.