Elite Irony

Tom tomwhore@inetarena.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:00:42 -0800 (PST)

On Mon, 21 Jan 2002, Jeff Bone wrote:
--]I'm not suggesting (I would *never* suggest!) that the elites should dictate the
--]agenda, just that having them as a safe harbor for certain unpopular ideas is useful.

I think there is room  in this world for ALL manner of ideas, os's, life
styles and methods....But when one of them decides they KNow Better, that
all the rest are either Morons or UNwashd Barbarians needing to be
Converted..thats when the problems start.

So wether its Pat Robinson dooming all male cocksuckers to hell, an Apple
Evanglists labling all window users as idiots, Hillary Rosen looking to
lock up anyone who knows what the leters mp3 stand for, Pol Pot going on
about year zero or some geekiod wonking on about the lameness of any
ediotr but vi its all bad.