Elite Irony

Tom tomwhore@inetarena.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:40:44 -0800 (PST)

There are two problems with your argument carey, and they are teh reason
why the "elite" are as they are.

One is the sinple fact of human self importance. Humans seek to be
special. SOme do this by deed and others by taking on anothers worth as
thier own. You will see this in sports fanatics, pop groupies and OS

They gain self worth by being a controling voice in the destiny of that
thing. Such a situation leads to tighter and tigther control impulses as
that thing becomes more and more spread across the masses. 

When faced with the "threat" of thier power base being "diluted" by mass
acceptence you will see a violent lash against all change that would
unseat them from thier throne of worth.

The second point that I found irnoic is the call for the geek Elite to be
more social. While this is a broad generalisation I think it is safe to
say the elite geek are not well known for thier ability to work within the
mass mindset, let alone tolerate its shortcommings enough to help it rise
up to the so called "elevated" richness of the geeks mindset.

ONce upon a time it was ONLY acceptable to use a command line with linux.
This was the line for "elite" and "luser". Now the modern day linux geeks
are more apt to be fighting holy wars over thier brand of gui (kde vs
gnome vs osx) than the old "commmand line or bust" ones.

Over the years the linux geek elite has gone from mocking all that was the
windows Gui and bloat to mimicing it. Pick up any linux distro today and
install it withthe plain jane defaults. Do you use up 100 mg of HD space
and get a command line os or do you get a gig byte out of the hd and a
full grpahical gui, complete wit a full color pic of tux at the login

So much for the purity of the linux geek:)-

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