AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Justin Mason
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:42:09 +1100

CDale said:

> Anyhow, Red Hat is not as small and as eccentric as Netscape (Mozilla) was 
> (is).  I agree that it would not be fatal to Linux to lose RH to AOL or 
> similar ilk, but it would be a serious mar in the Linux community, simply 
> because RH is the most widely used flavor of Linux.  It could certainly be 
> overcome, and of course, AOL would not necessarily proprietariize? RH, so 
> as long as it is free, it is free, even though what may seem to  be 
> proprietary-hungry companies buy and create distributions of it.

I agree.  If AOL Hat sucks, we'll use Mandrake -- or PLD -- or one of the
other totally-free RH-based distros.  Or I might even take the plunge and
get my head around Debian at last ;)

Linux is Linux, for the most part.


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