AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Luis Villa
20 Jan 2002 11:13:39 -0500

On Sun, 2002-01-20 at 05:46, CDale wrote:
> How did I miss the beginning of this thread?  Forever, Red Hat has been 
> called the AOL of Linux. 

No offense, but the people who call RH the AOL or MS of Linux are
uninformed, immature, or both. Period. There is/was no way to call it
that otherwise.

> I called it that when I was a Slacker, and had 
> it slung at me while wearing that Red Hat. 

See the above: if you had it slung at you, and cared, then you're
clearly missing a big part of the picture.

> It's a sad, sad thing, but 
> living at that place (remember when working at a startup meant living 
> there?) and watching the suits and suit sluts come in and do the 
> corporation of the thing was an ugly affair.  If anyone enjoyed it, it was 
> Mark, who walked out, stiff and tense in his expensive suit, the one he 
> wore with a stiff back and a frown, and he didn't enjoy it till way after 
> that, I'm sure.  But of course there was Bob there, on the board, to make 
> sure that things would be OK.  

Having spoken very briefly with Mark not to long ago, he doesn't really
seem to enjoy it even now. Bob seems to have actually transitioned more
easily into the role of corporate tycoon, though he does a lot of really
great stuff with his money. [see ] 

As for the rest of these accusations, I still know personally (and work
with, through GNOME) a lot of RH guys who are awfully non-corporate and
care a huge amount about Free Software and the GPL. Yeah, they've got
management whose priorities are a little wacky, but they generally feel
like they're pretty well treated and they cite fairly minimal reasons
for grumbling. And most of them still pretty much live at RH, if that
really means all that much to you.

> We Slackers, years ago, thought that RH would sink itself with all 
> it's readiness to make things proprietary,and, in a way it has,

? Exactly /what/ proprietary stuff are you talking about? Last I
checked, there is exactly /one/ piece of RH software that's proprietary,
and that's the RHN /server/, and there are at least two GPL projects to
replace that that I'm aware of.

I'm honestly surprised that someone who claims to have worked at RH
would have bought all the 1337 hax0r propaganda crap about RH as the
_____ of Linux.