AOL in Negotiations to Acquire Red Hat

Eirikur Hallgrimsson
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 21:01:42 -0500

Well, that's surprising initiative on the part of AOL.   Rather unlike 
them.  I want to believe that they're just bluffing Microsoft.   I suppose 
they did buy Netscape, but look what they did with that.   Red Hat is just 
as small and eccentric as Netscape was.   Thank goodness Mandrake and Suse 
are doing well.   For AOL to sink Red Hat would be sad, but not fatal to 

This comes home to me because my present company ships Red Hat on 99% of 
systems sold.  I suppose we could change to another distro if we had to.  
I know exactly who would have to figure out how to accomplish that.
We have shipped Debian, as a custom thing.

I'm trying to imagine the dumbed-down Red Hat "AOL Linux" distro.
2/3 of the screen dedicated to advertizing at all times.