Porn Actors Needed

Jay Thomas
Sat, 19 Jan 2002 16:27:57 -0500

Jeff Bone wrote:
> Recognizing that there's really no point in ever asking anyone any
> question of fact now that Google exists, but nonetheless:  anybody have
> any idea how 9 minutes was arrived at as the universal snooze interval?

YOU get *9*? My bizarre alarm only give me 7. I wake up at 7 a.m, 7:07.
7:14. Damned frustrating. I always wondered why it wasnt 10 or 15 -- in
high school it was always "Ten more minutes, mom!"

"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend:
Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig." Clint Eastwood - 
"The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" 1966