Hey kiddies

carey carey@tstonramp.com
Fri, 18 Jan 2002 21:16:43 -0800

Hello fork,

  HAve a question here.

  I want to set up my old lappy to run debian (which is yet another
  issue altogether).  My first big problem is transfering the data.
  I'm curious what the cheapest fastest method of doing the transfer
  (a few 100mbs of good stuff) would be, as well as if anyone knows
  any USB methods outside of the laplink method?  I can't imagine
  laplink is the only game in town that makes USB connectors, but I
  can't seem to find any other folks who sell this kind of data
  sharing USB cable.

  Any ideas?

Best regards,
 carey                          mailto:carey@tstonramp.com