When do you empty your trash mailbox?

Stephen D. Williams sdw@lig.net
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 20:57:11 -0500

I still use the UW imap server, the original really.  I've been 
considering others, mainly Courier.

There are a number of variables: mbox vs. maildir (UW uses mbox, Courier 
either), support for SSL, virtual domains, etc.

I use Postfix for my MTA currently.  Squirrelmail for web mail access.   
Mailman for mailing lists.

I really need to setup virtual mail domains so I'm due for an overhaul. 
 The MTA/Imap/Webmail set is difficult to get aligned all at once.

mbox works just fine for me even with huge mailboxes, but maildirs have 
some advantages also.  I'm skeptical that my huge archive would work 
with maildir, although I try to use ReiserFS when possible which might 
make it doable.


Chris Olds wrote:

>What IMAP server do you reccommend?  I'm still setting up my box at home,
>so now is a good time for me to get a reccomendation.
>Thanks -
>	/cco