When do you empty your trash mailbox?

Luis Villa louie@ximian.com
17 Jan 2002 13:59:34 -0500

On Thu, 2002-01-17 at 13:57, Udhay Shankar N wrote:
> Interesting thought occurred while killing the 'trash' mailbox just now. I 
> usually do this around when it reaches ~6MB or so. This happens about once 
> every coupole of weeks. What is the frequency of emptying and fillup for 
> you folks?

Now that I have decent mail software with great search capabilities and
solid performance over IMAP even when my inbox hits 30K messages, I've
found I don't delete mail anymore- it just sits around, and every month
or so I move everything that is older than one month and not marked
'important' over to an archive folder, where I can still search it at
will. The only exceptions are spam, which are deleted and expunged
Luis [who'd love to find a way to tie this back into the knowledge
management thread but is failing ATM]