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Thu, 17 Jan 2002 08:57:57 EST

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>Since Mr. Stewart is old enough to remember
>circulating correspondence, perhaps he can
>tell us if the secretaries of 30 years ago
>really were the non-coms of business.

I used to know that, but in my dotage my memory is beginning to double-fault 
as often as it serves :-)

>(and the point of the
>non-com was to make sure *someone* had the
>wetware, even if the commissioned officer
>lacked it)

I love that point. One of the best things about a great secretary/assistant 
(now I remember her: comely, energetic, dashing, and so much smarter than me) 
was her or his knack for knowing how to find backup or context--expert human, 
documentary, etc.--so that the boss wouldn't fly blind. Covered by a gauze 
(and a reality) of sexism, this became known as "covering for my 

o-busy/whatever [male] boss." It's a pity that sex roles mucked up a basic 
reality: Every Cisco needs  Pancho, every Wild Bill a Jingles, every officer 
a non-com, and (almost) every writer an editor.