Aw Shite!

Wed, 16 Jan 2002 22:04:58 -0800

they are such morons!
While i do beleive that they may be smart for moving to treo exclusively,
they are making a huge mistake talking about it.
Its like palm talking about their NG OS and new m series.
It killed their current product sales.
Once this gets around, i imagine there will be noise about it,
people will stop buying visor.  Since the treo isnt actually
on the market yet, revenues will drop proportionally to
the spread of this news.
Hopefully they will be in less trouble than palm.

my .02

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> Turns out Handspring will stop making the visor line and go towards treos.
> Well don't that just suck for me, having a visor and all.
> Oh yes.. The springboard module isn't included on the treos, and (oh joy)
> even if I wanted a treo, I couldn't get one, as they're being delayed due
> parts shortages.  Well this just SUCKS.
> -BB