Software the way of the textile industry?

Bill Kearney
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:39:15 -0500

> Phillipines: low price/low quality
> Indonesia: low price/low quality
> China: low price/increasingly high quality
> China would in an ideal political world be the current/next big offshore
> supplier of software services. How free market their economy becomes
> will likely determine whether or not they follow the three I's into the
> high price/high quality regime.
> If the Phillipines and Indonesia can start getting the quality of output
> up, they will become powerhouses too.
> One thing I've not heard much about for several years: Saudi Arabia, in
> preparing for the post-petrochemical economy there, was actively trying
> to become a big player in software by refocusing education, training,
> and investment.

Well, this is perhaps a simplistic response but one reason places like China
and Saudi Arabia aren't going to become powerhouses in software development
is a cultural issue.  Not being any sort of expert in this matter, it's my
opinion that without a greater amount of cultural support for personal
freedeom of expression you're not going to see them expand all that greatly
in this area.  Say what you will about the drudgery associated with a a lot
of programming, it still seems like it would require an innate sense of
personal expression.  Although I'm sure we can all find examples otherwise.

-Bill Kearney