Speaking of the 51st state...

Paul Prescod paul@prescod.net
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 12:32:53 -0800

Owen Byrne wrote:
> Canadians didn't want NAFTA - we got it. 

Ameicans didn't want NAFTA. They got it.

> ... Didn't want a Canadian DMCA - got it.

Americans didn't want the DMCA. They got it.

> Didn't want workfare - got it. 

AFAIK, Americans don't *have* workfare. 

> ... Didn't want education vouchers - they're working on
> it. 

As in America.

> .... Didn't want privatized medicine - its already started.

As far as I know, Canada has never had fully public medicine. For
instance my eyes could be so far-sighted or near-sighted that I can't
see my computer screen but would I get either laser surgery or glasses
for free? Don't think so.

> Don't want monetary union with the US - we're getting it.


> We wanted generic drugs - sorry! We don't want a North American Energy Strategy,
> nor a North American Water Policy but guess what? California needs both energy and
> water, so the policy is being formulated in Washington (oops) - Ottawa.


We live in a parliamentary, representative democracy, just as Americans
do. That gives our representatives quite a bit of leeway to go against
democratic wishes as long as they don't go so far that we throw them
out. You act as if the big companies who have massive influence in
Washington are representatives of the US government. If that were so,
then how could they corrupt American governance just as they do Canadian
governance? If Coca Cola's influence is wielded in favor of American
interests then I guess Nortel's influence in the US must be wielded in
favor of Canadian ones. 

> We're already a colony, all I'm asking for is representation.

That's what people who live in Iowa say also.

 Paul Prescod