Software the way of the textile industry?

Gordon Mohr
Tue, 15 Jan 2002 20:14:31 -0800

> There seems to be a huge similarity between the software industry today and
> the textile industry back when this country still had one.
> Is there any reason to believe that the whole industry isn't gonna move to
> the asian continent where labor is cheaper and developers are just as easy
> to come by?

Answer (1):

Someone had the same fears in 1992...

...but then by 1997 was singing a different tune...

(...but was still irrationally fearful of Y2K issues.)

Answer (2):

Gee, I hope so! We as a country are much better off than when
we had a dominant textile industry. If software moves offshore,
then just like textiles, it'll be because we've found something
better to do.

Answer (3):

I think domestic programmers are more likely to be replaced 
by AI than .ai or .in.

- Gordon