Flood O bits.

Elias Sinderson elias@cse.ucsc.edu
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 12:08:57 -0800

Bill Stoddard wrote:

>Depends on how the Bush administration handles it from here. Ashcroft was dead-on in
>recusing himself from this investigation. Enron gave $$$ to lots of Democrats too
>(including my anti-gun buddy Chuckie Schumer). There is sufficient mud to go round.
>Both the dems and repubes need to see to it that the right folks go to jail and not make a
>political issue of it.

More needs to happen than just making the responsible parties answer for 
their actions - there  needs to be a fundamental change in the 
relationship between the major political parties and large corporations. 
(I know that it's unlikely, but it still needs to happen.) This 
situation is unique only in the fact that it was such a large company, 
and the number of 'average Joes' affected by this is appalling. The well 
known fact is that this type of political maneuvering by corporations is 
the norm. Enron spokespeople (as well as others) have even gone so far 
as to admit that many companies consider political donations to be a 
normal cost of doing business. This wouldn't be the case if there wasn't 
a measurable ROI for the money spent. Unfortunately, this is endemic of 
the entire political system in this country which is why it can only 
benefit those in power to treat this as a special, unique and 'shocking' 
case and then put it quietly to rest as soon as the media and/or the 
public have had their fill. There will almost certainly be no lasting 
effects on the established relationships between the major political 
parties and the corporations they serve.

Put that in the bank.