Flood O bits.

Bill Stoddard bill@wstoddard.com
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 13:09:04 -0500

> Oy, what a busy news day on the newswire, Agentina (still) in a death
> spiral, Israel, India, and China all in a mess.... and of course...
> Looks like the Enron mess is gonna make that Lewinski thing look like the
> trivial thing is was, and has Bush and Ashcroft running for cover: [below]
> http://www.nytimes.com/2002/01/10/politics/10CND-ENRON.html?pagewanted=print

Depends on how the Bush administration handles it from here. Ashcroft was dead-on in
recusing himself from this investigation. Enron gave $$$ to lots of Democrats too
(including my anti-gun buddy Chuckie Schumer). There is sufficient mud to go round.

Both the dems and repubes need to see to it that the right folks go to jail and not make a
political issue of it.