Owen Byrne owen@permafrost.net
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 19:34:32 -0400

On Thu, Jan 10, 2002 at 02:36:18PM -0700, Marty Halvorson wrote:
> At 15:39 10-01-02, Owen Byrne wrote:
> >So are the IRA terrorists or freedom fighters?
> Depends.  When they attack the British army in Belfast, they're probably 
> freedom fighters.  When they ignite a bomb outside Harrods in London 
> they're terrorists.
> If the preponderance or only method the IRA used to attain their goals were 
> acts of terror, then they're terrorists.

And Gerry Adams would argue that they only targetted civilians after non-violent
protest and attacking the British army failed.

And after it became clear that the British government had no such concerns about
targetting civilians (cf Sunday Bloody Sunday, the Birmingham Six, etc). And that
lazy, stupid British civilians needed to be woken up to what their government is

I think OBL has the same attitude - that the US long ago broke all the rules and
therefore why should he pay attention to them.