Another datapoint re: innovation

Jeff Bone
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 10:53:43 -0600

So this is interesting but unsurprising.  Positive correlation to
hypothesis we've floated:  innovation is not dead.  Negative
correlation:  the establishment innovates.  (Though I'm not sure that
IBM can be considered the dominant player in any given niche anymore,
just a competitive player across enough of them to be a behemoth.) Not
considered:  are patents truly a direct indicator of innovation?

"One of the biggest myths of 2001 was that innovation was dying along
with the bust," said Nick Donofrio, IBM senior vice president of
Technology and Manufacturing, in a release. "The fact is that innovation
is thriving in the research and development labs of corporate America
and companies around the world, as this year's patent results confirm."