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Wed, 9 Jan 2002 22:47:49 -0800

FIrst off, I stumbled upon this little gem.  I think its appropriate.

"Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.  The savage's whole existence is
 public, ruled by the laws of his tribe.  Civilization is the process of setting man free
 from men. "  Ayn Rand.

 And this special gem:  Breaking
                  News: White House announces opposition to National
                  ID Card plan, UK Says "No Mandatory
                  Card". White House spokesman Jimmy Orr told the press on
                  September 27 that "We are not even considering the
                  idea." Newsbytes(1), Infoworld(2).

                  My we change quickly.
 Now then.

ALB> OK, canada being US-north doesn't really apply here,

Psst... Beberg... Canada is a WHOLE SEPERATE country!  Yes, indeed it
does count. According to Privacy International (unfortunately this
site is from 1996, but most of the countries still remain relevant),

"Many developed countries, however, do not have such a card. Amongst these are the United States,
 Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, the Nordic countries and
 Sweden." (3)

 Ok. Let me guess, those countries don't count.  Now all I need to do
 is find out how far NZ and Australia and the like have gotten in
 regards to recent attempts to pass I.D. cards.

 I would honestly suggest adam, that you check out the
 privacyinternational site listed at the bottom here.  Then, maybe you
 might get a bit of what I'm getting at.

 (Oh, by the way, they aren't criminals either...)
ALB>  but smart cards are
ALB> prevelant in most of europe and asia. From talking to many people that have
ALB> them, they make life so much easier day to day that's it's totally sickening
ALB> that we dont have them here.

Again, convenience isn't an excuse to lose privacy.  I would merely
modify the all-to famous and oft repeated Ben Franklin quote to say,

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
convenience deserve neither liberty nor convenience.

Think about it.

ALB> Next time you're behind some tech dinosaur at a store paying with a check,
ALB> waiting for 10 minutes while they find 16 forms of ID. Say a little prayer
ALB> for a national ID and be thankful you didn't bring a gun.

First off, I've been to a lot of stores.  I think the worst I've ever
had to show is two (2) forms of ID tops.  I write checks.  They ask
usually for the Drivers license.  You are one impatient little boy if
you can't deal with a teeny bit of time lost (is your life really all
that meaningful and important every single second?).  By the way,
speaking of guns, you can bet your ass, that once they start this
national bit, getting a gun will be even harder.  While that sounds
great to prevent against the criminals, it sucks for the rest of us,
the law abiding folks who this would REALLY affect.

ALB> Your choice is that or to wait for Microsoft do it.
Oracle dear.. This was Ellison's dream.



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