Terrorism Re: Corporate transparency

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 23:40:12 -0600

Jeff Bone wrote:

> How about (d) --- just an expression of disgust at the total disrespect such a speech
> betrays of the very people it is (poorly) designed to manipulate.  Look, nobody needed
> "pumping up" at that point in time.  We were already in an incredibly heightened state
> of aggression, etc.  Saying things like "we're on a mission to destroy evil in the
> world" is just DUMB.

Put another way:  that speech (and subsequent ones) really brought home for many people the
fact that Bush was a cheerleader in college, and that he clearly places a large amount ---
an undue amount --- of emphasis on that kind of sophomoric rhetoric.  IMO, our need in a
leader is someone who is resolved, intelligent enough to consider complex issues, and who
has the credibility to act.  Bush *says* he's resolved, we've temporarily granted him
enough credibility to act.  There remain serious questions about whether he's smart enough
for the job --- and treating an unprecedented national tragedy like a Yale pep rally
doesn't do anything for either his credibility or any perceptions about his intelligence.
It will take a lot more than shallow rhetoric to see this conflict through to a positive
conclusion for this nation.

As for whether Maher (or any other critic) is in some way undermining the national interest
by leveling criticism at Bush, well, that's just too foolish an assertion to respond to
beyond a simple statement:  "smacks of McCarthyism."